Bio Picture

Clinics will be run by Kijafa Crumble, head of Kfitness. Kijafa has been the president of K-fitness & Athletic Performance since 2012. He previously worked as a sports performance coach at Velocity Sports Performance for 5 yrs. He is also the strength and conditioning coach for the men’s and women’s American Footbal teams in Sweden.

Kijafa played football since high school continuing to play at a division 2 college as well as arena football for two years. He is in his third year of playing professional football in Europe, receiving MVP status two years in a row. He is also a black belt in Krav Maga..

K-Fitness is a White Plains, NY based Athletic Performance training company with genuine passion for helping athletes set and achieve their goals. We know that nothing is more satisifying than having a goal and working hard to achieve that goal. Whether your goal is to run faster, be quicker, stronger, hit further, jump higher, gain muscle or just wanting to get off the bench, we are here to support you every step of the way.

How We Train

The K-Fitness & Athletic Performance approach to building overall athleticism consists of: movement, weight-room, core, prehab, sports massage, pool, nutrition, regeneration, stretching and mental conditioning. Each of these elements of training are incorporated and designed specifically for each athlete based on age and their level of athleticism. This unique approach not only makes great athletes, but also educates and provides individuals with the knowledge they need to train efficiently and properly when not being supervised. K-fit's unique method of training provides athletes with a more diversified learning experience.

Why We Train

K-Fitness knows what it's like to have a passion and to have goals and wanting to succeed at whatever it is you are passionate about. When athletes come to K-Fit with a specific goal that they are passionate about achieving, we make sure that every possible effort is put forth in achieving that goal.

Results From Training with K-Fitness

A full commitment is required from K-Fit and the athlete for positive results to be seen after the 4 weeks of training are completed. The following are examples of the many accomplishments you can expect: decrease your 40 or 30 yard dash by 2:10th of sec, hit further, throw harder, increase your vertical by 4", transitioning in every direction possible at top speed (backward, angle, lateral, etc.), being more explosive when accelerating, skate faster, and most importantly, become more durable and less prone to injury.